GT TYPE 100ton ~ 370ton


100ton ~ 370ton



Length of the machine are greatly reduced by 1/3

Compared with traditional three-platen machine, the length of the machine are greatly reduced by 1/3.  Such compact structure, fewer moving parts that reduce machine maintenance cost and time.

GT two-platen is widely used in precision and complex plastic products.


The mold is used as the benchmark to assist four clamping tie bar, follow by the hydraulic-operated principle that the four cylinders clamped simultaneously on the mold plane evenly. It has a good self-adjustment within a small deviation range, that enable to uniform clamping force on all the corners of the mold, and the weight of the mold is bear by linear slide rails under the moving platen.

Hydraulic circuit design integrating electrical control technology, GT two platens design is able to achieved High response, low noise and more precise speed and pressure control. Further avoided the disadvantages from electric machine. Such as, large amount of waste lubricating oil, unable to support long-term of holding phase, and high consumables such as ball screws.

Adapting variable displacement pump, or gear pump to control multi-cylinders operating, to achieve energy saving, long life cycle and low maintenance cost.

Energy-saving hydraulic circuit design greatly restrains oil temperature rise 5-10°C, it stables hydraulic oil quality, relatively improves the machine efficiency and stable yield rate

KEBA controller has the fastest response performance of 0.5 milliseconds, SPC produces statistical analysis data, and real-time detection of DI and DO.

 - Customized Industry 4.0 requirements (optional)

Remote monitoring function (optional)

Remote maintenance function (optional)

Peripheral system integration (optional)

Touch screen interface (optional)

Servo valve fully closed circuit control (optional)