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Super High Speed System Injection Molding Machine - SHS Series 35t~370t
Machine FeatureSpecifications

SHS super high speed molding system can promote extra high-speed and Precision Stability. It emerges MT series into a high-performance and reached its peak at one stroke play.
A demanding of precision . Speedy molding cycle, SHS provides 750 to 2000 mm/s maximum injection speed, to apply for supper thin-walled parts 0.1~0.56mm, the high viscosity of plastic material and high-speed multi-cavity plastic injection molding, etc...
SpecificationsMachine Feature
SHS Precision Super High Speed System
Injection Speed from 750mm ~ 2000 mm/sec
Suitable for super thin-walled parts from 0.1 ~ 0.5mm
Mostly Appy to 3C industry: For example SIM card / LCD TFT
The specification is on request only.

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