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Direct Clamping Structure

MT model with excellent structural rigidity, flexible and accurate, it reduces mechanical wear and power consumption. In response to diverse plastic molding process, the direct clamping system is widely used to meet the technical requirements for precision molding.
ST model is the advanced design from MT model. It is designed especially for the needs of low—pollution environment. It is widely prefer from the Asian electronics industry, as well as the trust from European and South American customer.
Direct output oil tank design for clamping cylinder, it increases efficiency and stability.
Automatically adjust the parallelism of the mold, mold deformation rate of the lowest.
Clamping low pressure protection device to ensure mold safety.
2 stages ejection device to coordinate with robot take out system, in line with demand for fully automated production line.
Hydraulic cylinders with wear-resistant and leak-proof design, maintenance times to a minimum.
Sophisticated logic circuit design, excellent stability.
According to production needs, design multi-loop synchronous complex movements, significantly improving productivity.
Dual movable locking platen design direct clamping structure

Specifically designed for clamping force above 900 ton. Light sensitive mold closing and opening operation is a comprehensive upgrade of high-precision and high performance results, but also creation a low noise, low power consumption and outstanding performance with low molding cycle.
MTII-compared to traditional structures , lt reduced by 1/30 of the volume, it creates more economical production space.
According to production needs, design multi-loop synchronous complex movements, significantly improving productivity.
The opening stroke can be adjusted as per product size, precisely positioning, are the outstanding features of MTII series.
The clamping system adapt Low coefficient of friction linear guideway design, to ensure high-speed actuation , can also maintain the minimum energy consumption, and provide a more sensitive low-pressure mold protection.
Using high response hydraulic circuit design, creation a very superior molding quality.

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